Person-Overboard Retrieval Techniques

by Ralph Naranjo, Practical Sailor
The term Man Overboard (MOB) has been caught in the tide of political correctness, and terminology like Crew Overboard (COB) and Person in the Water (PIW), the U.S. Coast Guard’s latest designator, have changed safety semantics. Regardless of the phraseology, it remains a cry that every sailor hopes to never hear.

This update focuses on a key element to a safe recovery: seamanship. Our findings—some of which contradict or amend current thought on the subject—are based on analysis of a series of on-the-water drills on Chesapeake Bay. The drills were carried out under the direction U.S. Naval Academy Sailing Master Dan Rugg and with the participation of the Philadelphia Sailing Club. Practical Sailor was invited to observe. – Full report

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