This “Walking” Fish Has Scientists Stumped | National Geographic

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BALI, Indonesia — A diver who plunged into the water off the coast of Bali captured video of a fish that has puzzled scientists around the world.

Emeric Benhalassa captured what appears to be a fish walking across the seafloor on legs, according to National Geographic.

“The stingfish came to meet me probably thanks to the light,” Benhalassa told the publication.

It was “bizarre and pretty. … I thought that this could please the internet.”

Scientists are not sure what type of fish it is, but suggest it might be a type of sting fish from the Minous genus of stonefishes, which is among the most venomous on Earth.

Scientists tell National Geographic it could be a striped sting fish, a painted stinger, a whitetail goblinfish or even a previously unidentified species.

However, scientists need to get a closer look to determine the species.

One thing is for sure though — the ocean is full of interesting species.

Source: kdvr

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