Computer Simplifies Foiling G4

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When the 40-foot foiling G4 was unleashed in 2015, it sought to present a significant leap forward in the ability for cruising boats to maximize their sailing range per day. And while watching a catamaran equipped with showers, galley, and queen-sized beds elevate was astonishing, so was the sight of such a creature capsizing.

As they say, you’ve got to crack a few eggs to make an omelet.

Key to the conversation was making the G4 easier to sail while benefiting from its foiling attributes. When going for a daysail requires Olympic-caliber crew, the G4 was going to be limited in who it could serve. So DNA, the company that developed the G4, set out to solve the issue. What they developed is akin to an autopilot on an airplane.

Here’s is what DNA is saying:
This milestone development makes the G4 a better proposition for those looking for a cool and fast sailing machine for the weekend without real physical effort to do a steady 20+ knots. Now you can comfortably enjoy a great range in short time without too much fuss – that was our goal.

An automated foil control system has been designed from scratch and after lots of tweaking and honing, the system now works wonderfully. The optional foil control system provides comfort, reduces physical efforts and offers an active safety net which benefits sailors at various levels to gradually explore the G4’s speed potential. It also makes the G4 easy to sail with just two persons.

See the video for more info:

Source: sailing scuttle butt

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