Eight Bells: Woody Jewett

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Frank Greenwood ‘Woody’ Jewett, III of Deephaven, MN died skiing in Ketchum, ID on March 25, 2019. He was 78.

Shortly after graduating from University of Colorado in 1963, Woody was recruited for the Peace Corps which took him to India, after then enlisted in in the Marine Corps where he served in Guantanamo and Vietnam before getting wounded, receiving the Purple Heart, and being honorably discharged.

Woody returned to Minneapolis where he married Kathleen McCarthy in 1969. With the exception of time in the Peace Corps and Marine Corps, Woody spent every summer in Deephaven sailing on Lake Minnetonka. A lifelong member of the Minnetonka Yacht Club, he raced X boats as a child, C and D scows in his teens and early twenties, and his beloved E-scow for 49 years.

Service to others was an equally important priority throughout his life. Woody continually answered the call to help. Whether it was helping a neighbor clear debris after a storm, driving for Meals on Wheels, or going to help in Hurricane Katrina recovery, it was in his nature to be helpful.

With a keen mind for history, Woody appreciated stories that connected people to time and place, and was curious to know others’ histories. As a result, he made lifelong friends in one conversation. And Woody loved to play. Sailing, ice-boating, skiing, hockey, Woody loved the thrill of going fast on all kinds of water and sharing that thrill with others.

He had some close calls over the years and it was a good day when duct tape was all that was needed for repairs. A consummate do-it-yourselfer, Woody could fix almost anything with whatever was in his ever-expanding cache.

Color-blind, Woody had uncommon style, renowned bow ties, and flair all his own. While we would have enjoyed his company longer, we are grateful he took his final breaths skiing with friends and family.

He is survived by his wife of 49 years Kathleen McCarthy Jewett; daughter Eleanor Jewett (Eric Rogers) of Hailey, ID; son Kevin Jewett (Carolina) of Mt. Pleasant, SC; grandchildren Grace and Ryland Rogers, and Augie, Charlie, and Sophie Jewett; siblings Ted (Debby), Peter (Wendy), and Nancy Jewett; in-laws Charles and Bill (Marnie) McCarthy and Sheila (David Boies); and many other beloved cousins, nieces, nephews, and friends.

He was preceded in death by his parents F.G. Jewett Jr. “Hank” and Betty Jones Jewett, grandparents F.G. and Nora Wells Jewett and Theodore Thomas and Marion Thwing Jones.

A service and celebration will be announced at a later date. Donations preferred to The Family Partnership; Lake Minnetonka Sailing School; Plymouth Rotary Dollars for Scholars.

Source: http://www.startribune.com/obituaries/detail/0000303748/ sailingscuttlebutt

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