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Steven van Broeckhoven joins Gun Sails after leaving NeilPryde

After 6 years Steven Van Broeckhoven (JP / GunSails) has left NeilPryde after 6 years together in the latest transfer of the close season.

Steven van Broeckhoven: ”I’m excited to start a new chapter in my professional windsurfing career. I was looking for a new, long-term partnership and I strongly believe that with GUNSAILS, I have made the right choice. GUNSAILS is an experienced sail maker with a 30 year history and a game-changing selling system. They are very much “the future” and I’m happy to be part of it. They have come out with a great freestyle sail, the YEAH, and I’m looking forward to work with their sail designer Renato Morlotti to push the limits. But I’m also keen to invest more time in foiling, which is a new adventure for me. I know that Renato and Pieter Bijl are working on a project as well and it is challenging me to contribute to this project. I will spend the next 10 weeks in Tarifa with training and testing and I can’t wait to get on the water again after my injury.”

Brand Manager Jörg Müller: “Steven is a real asset for our team: a highly decorated freestyle legend with the motivation to grab another title. He is a great brand ambassador. We appreciate as well his great experience in the sail development. The fact that Tarifa, home of the GUNSAILS R&D, has become his favorite training spot is perfectly matching with our plans to build the best possible freestyle sail. Having one of the world’s best Freestylers in the team will be an important step on our way.”

Sail Designer Renato Morlotti: “I’m very motivated to work with such a great talent like Steven. A new challenge and a new opportunity for us. I believe that he will give an extra push to our development team. Steven knows very well Tarifa’s spots and I’m happy he will feel like at home when working with us.”

Source: PWA

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