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The international photographic award dedicated to competitive sailing celebrates its tenth edition in 2019, an anniversary that attests the success of this unique event. The winners will be announced in public at the 2019 Yacht Racing Forum on November 25-26 in Bilbao, Spain.

The Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image international photo competition is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. Proud of its success, the event hopes to set a new participation record and is looking forward to once again discovering the best sailing photos of the year.

The new website, developed last year, has become a great working tool for all yacht racing industry professionals. It lists the world’s best sailing photographers, gives the possibility to select them according to their geographical location and displays their contact details.

No fewer than 312 photographers representing 47 countries have participated in the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image competition since its creation and are therefore present on the site.

Professional photographers from all over the world are now invited to submit their best yacht racing image taken between September 13, 2018 and October 13, 2019. The 80 best images will be pre-selected by the international jury and published on the event website on October 22, 2019. Public votes will be open between October 22 and November 15, 2019.

The twenty best images chosen by the international jury will be announced in November and exhibited at the Yacht Racing Forum in the presence of the leading figures in the sailing world.

The winners of the competition will be celebrated on this occasion, while a prize money and other prizes will be distributed among the winners. The Yacht Racing Forum Award (selected by the Forum’s delegates) and the Public Award (established on the basis of public votes) will also be presented on this occasion.

Last year, 109 photographers representing twenty-five countries submitted an image for the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image competition. More than 10,000 people voted for their favorite image, while 235,000 pages were viewed on the event’s website. Portuguese photographer Ricardo Pinto won the top prize.

The international jury decided to honor Pinto and his image taken during the Volvo Ocean Race. Based in Lisbon, Pinto has been working as a sailing photographer for many years. “It’s a privilege to be able to follow some of the best sailing events in the world and witness such amazing moments. My goal is to be able to share that with everyone, as if they were right there next to me,” he said.

“The Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image contest brings together some of the best sailing photographers in the world and their unique work. I’m honored to have been among them for the last years and that my photo has been awarded with the main prize by such an amazing panel of specialists.”

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For the complete rules, click here.

Hall of Fame: the winners of the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image award:
2010: Thierry Martinez (FRA)
2011: Thierry Martinez (FRA)
2012: Kurt Arrigo (MAL)
2013: Abner Kingman (USA)
2014: Alfred Farre (ESP)
2015: Nikos Zagas (GRE)
2016: Jean-Marie Liot (FRA)
2017: Sören Hese (GER)
2018: Ricardo Pinto (POR)

Source: MaxComm Communication / sailingscuttlebutt

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