World Sailing Rankings – February 2019

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The World Sailing Rankings seek to establish an order of ability based on the results of certain events over a 24 month period. The rankings focus on the 10 Olympic events and Open and Women’s Match Racing.

In match racing, Ian Williams (GBR) maintains his position at the top of the Open rankings, followed by Eric Monnin (SUI) in second and Ettore Botticini (ITA) in third. Among the women, Pauline Courtois (FRA) also remains at the front of the field with Anna Oestling (SWE) in second and Trine Palludan (DEN) in third. Top North Americans are Taylor Canfield (USA) and Nicole Breault (USA) in 11th and 13th, respectively.

The rankings in the Olympic events tend to be influenced by the four year cycle between the Games, as many of the top competitors take a break early in the cycle which lowers their rank. With just a year to go before Tokyo 2020, some events now find their rankings to reflect recent results at 2019 World Cup Series Miami while others are still vary.

The ranked North Americans in the top 20 include Canadians Tom Ramshaw (9th, Finn), Sarah Douglas (10th, Laser Radial) and the following from the USA: Stu McNay/ Dave Hughes (4th, 470 Men), Paige Railey (4th, USA), Erika Reineke (11th, Laser Radial), Stephanie Roble/ Maggie Shea (14th, 49erFX Women), Charlie Buckingham (15th, Laser), Chris Barnard (16th, Laser), and Riley Gibbs/ Anna Weis (15th, Nacra 17).

Source: sailingscuttlebutt

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