Selecting equipment for 2024 Olympics

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World Sailing, the world governing body of the sport, is inviting Class Associations and Equipment Manufacturers to tender for the Mixed Two Person Dinghy and Mixed Kiteboard events that are among the Sailing program for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Tenders will be evaluated against World Sailing Policies and the approved Equipment
Criteria around the following areas: Equipment criteria and technical considerations, Event considerations, cost, durability, and sustainability considerations and market considerations.

The evaluation of the equipment will be driven by equipment criteria approved at the 2018 Annual Conference and includes:

Mixed Kiteboarding:
• Foiling board
• Suitable for Men weight range men between 65 to 85 kg (143 to 187 lb).
• Suitable for Women weight range women: 50 to 70 kg (110 to 154 lb).
• RAM-Air (foil-kite system) with kite size for Men: 7-21 m2 and kite size for Women: 7-21 m2.
• Number of permitted kites per athlete at an event: 4 high performance, high aspect ratio kites.
• Number of permitted hydrofoil systems per athlete at an event: 1 high performance, high aspect ratio hydrofoil system.
• Same hydrofoil system, board and kites scheme for men and women.
• Suitable for competition at wind ranges between 5 to 40 knots.
• Schemes that allow for multiple manufacturers (such as Registered Series Production Scheme with multiple licensed builders)

Mixed Two Person Dinghy:
• A displacement boat (non-foiling).
• Glass fibre reinforced with polyester hull construction.
• Suitable for a skipper weight range between 50 to 70 kg (110 to 154 lb).
• Suitable for a crew weight range between 65 to 80 kg (143 to 176 lb).
• A single trapeze rig with a 9m2 to 10m2 mainsail, a 3m2 to 4m2 jib and a 13m2 to 14m2 Symmetrical Spinnaker.
• Suitable for competition at wind ranges between 5 to 35 knots.
• Allow for multiple manufacturers (such as ‘measurement controlled’ Classes).

Click the links below for the invitations to tender:
• Mixed Kiteboarding
• Mixed Two Person Dinghy

The invitation to tender follows from the selection of the following Events for the Paris 2024 Olympic Sailing Competition at the 2018 Annual Conference:

Men’s Windsurfer – RS:X*
Women’s Windsurfer – RS:X*
Men’s One Person Dinghy – TBC**
Women’s One Person Dinghy – TBC**
Mixed Kite – TBC
Mixed Two Person Dinghy – TBC
Women’s Skiff – 49erFX
Men’s Skiff – 49er
Mixed Two Person Multihull – Nacra 17
Mixed Two Person Keelboat Offshore – TBC

*subject to ongoing equipment re-evaluation
** subject to ongoing equipment evaluation (Sea-trials)

Source: World Sailing / sailingscuttlebutt

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