Back on the boat after a very special dive

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Photos by @manuela.kirschner Back on the boat after a very special dive. As a photographer I documented the work of a shark feeder at @stuartcovesdivebahamas. That was an unique experience and adventure with great memories during the shark feeding dive. The sharks are friendly but still they are wild animals. So please do not touch or grab them like I saw some people do that to take images. Only the shark feeder is allowed to touch them. Shark feeders are special trained and they have experience with these animals. They often see sharks with old fishing hooks at their mouth. If they manage to get a shark in Tonic Immobility (similar to hypnosis) they are able to remove the hook. As a protective clothing the shark feeder must wear a chain mail. As I dived with him between the sharks, I also had to wear one. I felt something like a medieval knight. Thanks to @ronny.roskosch, he took my camera and made this picture. @paditv @projectaware @sharkweek @world_adventure_society @aqualungdivers @itsbetterinthebahamas #divestuartcove #sharks #shark #reefsharks #padi #silentworld #bahamas #instadive #intotheblue #underwaterphotography #saveourseas #saveouroceans #amazinganimals #diving #oceanlife #lifeatsea #bg_underwater #underwater_world_ #uwphotography

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