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Yentel Caers – 1 Road Trip – 3 Spots – Massive Action

Yentel Caers (JP / Point-7) has become one of the most feared sailors on the PWA Freestyle World Tour over the last couple of season, which has seen him finish 3rd and 4th in the world. The Belgian’s explosive power makes him instantly recognisable on the water and someone you can never take your eyes off. The 22-year-old was forced to retire through injury in Fuerteventura when moving into the top 3, but was still able to recover in time to Sylt where he finished 6th.

Caers has recently been road tripping through Europe and has just released a new video, which sees signature explosive moves.

Yentel Caers: “The video starts in Hyeres, France where I was sailing together with the Muller Bro’s, and planning to drive down south together. but Balz decided to go more crazy than he does normally already and he destroyed his nose and had to go home for recovery and some checks. (now he’s in tarifa and his nose looks more straight than before) when the wind stopped and got colder around there Stefi and me started driving more south. We did some sight seeing and ended up in Valencia at the surf school of Rafael (efpt/pwa judge). We had some nice light wind sessions over there and great surfing. after he took us down to his home spot where he grew up windsurfing – Denia, Spain – and I can say it was epic!! Sailing all day long on 3.6m and some nice jumping waves!!

You can see Yentel Caers road tripping by visiting @

Source: PWA

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