Positive start for Land Rover BAR Gladiator

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1st in class at Southern California Yachting Association Midwinter Regatta

Land Rover BAR’s partnership with Tony Langley’s British Gladiator TP52 team got off to a successful start in San Diego, with the team finishing 1st in Class at the SCYA Midwinter Regatta.

The Midwinters attracted nine TP52 teams and was a collaboration between the Acapulco TP52 fleet, the Pac52 Class and a number of the West Coast US based 52’s and served as the prefect pre-season warm up event.

“It was a really good week for us here in San Diego! Three solid days of training and our first two days of racing under the belt was an excellent way to start our TP52 campaign, and to get the win here serves as a good platform ahead of this summer’s 52 SUPER SERIES” Giles Scott, Land Rover BAR Gladiator Runner.

Land Rover BAR Gladiator will return to San Diego for the NOOD Regatta on the 16 – 18th March before going on to race in the 52 SUPER SERIES – the leading high performance monohull racing circuit – with the opener taking place 23 – 27th May in Sibenik, Croatia. While two events in the UK, the Round the Island Race (7th July) and Lendy Cowes Week (4 – 11th August) will offer the British team an opportunity to race on home waters.

Results – http://www.regattanetwork.com/clubmgmt/applet_regatta_results.php?regatta_id=15723

Land Rover BAR Gladiator racing programme: 52 SUPER SERIES: May 23rd – 27th, Sibenik, Croatia June 20th – 24th, Zadar, Croatia July 17th – 21st, Cascais, Portugal August 21st – 25th, Mallorca, Spain September 18th – 22nd, Valencia, Spain

Land Rover BAR Gladiator crew list: Tony Langley, Helm Ben Ainslie, Tactician Andy Mclean, Navigator Giles Scott, Runner Andrew Estcourt, Main Jono Swain, Downwind Trim Joey Newton, Trim Geoff Povey, Grind 3 David Carr, Grind 2 Jono Macbeth, Grind 1 Tom Wilson, Pit Nick Hutton, Mid-bow Matthew Cornwell, Bow

Support team: Rob Wilson, Coach Ben Durham, Coaching team Feargal Finley, Boat Captain Doug Newell, Boat Builder Callum Conroy, Shore Crew Carlos Perdiguero, Shore Crew Dean Money, Shore Crew

Source: americascup

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